San Rafael California Divorce Lawyer

Resolving Your California Divorce Quickly and Fairly

Your divorce does not need to be drawn-out and contentious. At the Law Offices of Louis Napoli in San Rafael, California, we are dedicated to resolving family law issues quickly and fairly so that you and your family can move forward in a positive way.

As your attorney, Louis Napoli will work to minimize the frustration, stress and bitterness which can often accompany divorce, child custody disputes, and other family law disagreements. Call for a 20-minute phone consultation, or e-mail our office to schedule one.

Guiding You Through California Family Law

Every client’s divorce involves different factors, but everyone wants what is best for their family. Let us help you with these issues related to divorce:

  • Division of marital property
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Child custody modification
  • Child support modification
  • Spousal support (also called alimony)
  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements

Our Focus Is On You

We understand that divorce is emotionally draining in the best of circumstances. Our law firm is dedicated to guiding you through the legal process and minimizing the stress and anger that comes up in family law cases.

Every family has different needs. A compassionate divorce lawyer can help you determine the best approach in your divorce. Negotiation, mediation or arbitration might be in your best interests as opposed to traditional litigation.

  • These alternatives could allow you to reach an agreement with the opposing party without engaging in contentious court hearings or a trial.
  • A mediated solution may be in the best interests of your children.
  • Agreeing to a property settlement without the time, cost and hassle of court proceedings may be the right option for you.

Sometimes it is necessary to fight for your rights in the courtroom. We will discuss every option and decide which is right for you and your family. If litigation is in your best interest, we will provide you with vigorous and effective trial representation.

We invite you to visit our page answering some frequently asked questions about divorce to learn more.

Call Louis Napoli for a 20-minute phone consultation, or e-mail us to schedule one. As your attorney, he will listen carefully to your concerns, discuss all of the issues, legal procedures, costs and alternatives with you, and help you move forward in the way that is best for you and your family.