Mediation Attorney in San Rafael

Helping You Avoid the Cost and Time of Litigation

Not every dispute has to be resolved through traditional courthouse litigation. In fact, alternative dispute resolution methods are often less contentious, faster, and perhaps most importantly, less expensive than litigation. At the Law Offices of Louis Napoli, our mediation lawyer in San Rafael has extensive experience guiding San Francisco Bay Area residents through this unique process. Whether you need help with contract disputes, probate, family law or real estate matters, mediation may be the right choice for you.

To learn more about resolving disputes through negotiation, contact our California alternative dispute resolution attorney online or call for a 20-minute phone consultation .

We Mediate a Wide Variety of Disputes

Whenever possible, Louis Napoli will counsel clients to settle their disputes outside of court without the headaches of litigation. We can help you mediate a wide variety of disputes, including:

The Benefits of Mediation

There are a number of benefits to mediation. It can help facilitate respectful communication that can allow parties to understand their differences. It is more likely to lead to full disclosures and open sharing of information. It can also help clarify the underlying issues and provide parties with the opportunity to craft a creative solution to the problem.

While we believe that mediation is the best way to handle many problems, the legal team at the Law Offices of Louis Napoli understands that in some cases it just might not be possible. If this is the case, we are fully prepared to vigorously and aggressively represent your interests through traditional litigation.

Call for a Consultation With an Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyer in Marin County

We can fully explain your options for resolving disputes without the hassle and expense of litigation. Contact our mediation attorney in San Rafael online or call for a 20-minute phone consultation. We will listen carefully to your concerns, discuss all of the issues, legal procedures, costs and alternatives as we work to develop a solution that is tailored especially for you.